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Recent Updates
Title Action
2019-02-11 21.99.09.M0.01 Temporary Tent or Canopy Installation on Campus  Revised
2019-02-04 24.01.01.M4.01 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control  Revised
2019-02-04 09.02.99.M0.03 Licensing and Trademark Usage  Revised
2019-01-31 51.06.99.M0.01 Naming of Buildings & Other Entities  Revised
2019-01-23 41.01.01.M0.01 Space and Land Use Management  Revised
2019-01-17 29.01.03.M0.27 Exceptions from Required Risk Mitigation Measures  Revised
2019-01-17 29.01.03.M0.28 Information Resources - Audiovisual Surveillance  Revised
2019-01-15 29.01.03.M0.05 Information Resources - Enterprise Data Centers  New
2019-01-10 25.07.01.M1.01 President''s Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration  Revised
2019-01-08 28.99.99.M0.02 Student Health Services  Revised
2018-12-07 31.03.03.M0.02 Emergency Leave for Employees at TAMUQ  Revised
2018-12-07 32.02.02.M0.02 Dismissal & Discipline for Nonfaculty Employees  Revised
2018-10-30 21.01.05.M0.02 Transportation Services  Revised
2018-10-07 24.01.01.M7.03 Safe Use of Outdoor Fires  Revised
2018-09-27 25.99.09.M0.01 Communication Allowances  Revised
2018-09-21 09.02.99.M0.02 Commercial Filming, Videotaping and Photography  Revised
2018-09-20 24.99.99.M0.01 University Utility Locate Procedure  Revised
2018-09-13 33.99.14.M1 Criminal History Record Information - Employees and Applicants  Revised
2018-09-07 08.01.02.M0.02 Service Animals, Emotional Support Animals, and Other Animals  New
2018-09-07 16.99.99.M0.01 Designation as a Hybrid Entity  Revised
2018-09-06 34.07.99.M0.02 Bomb Threat Procedures  Revised
2018-09-05 41.01.99.M0.01 Use of Skateboards Rollerblades, and Other Wheeled Forms of Transportation  Revised
2018-09-04 33.99.08.M0.04 Procedures for Hiring Student Employees  Revised